Guest Lectures at Local High Schools
Prof. Stevenson is shown delivering guest lectures on science and new molecules at local high schools.  Professor
Stevenson has been invited by several local high school chemistry teachers.  Dr. Stevenson enjoys his guest visits
to high school chemistry classrooms.

Hosting Research Opportunities for High School Students
The Stevenson Research Group has supervised 3 high school students' research projects who have performed
research experiences in his lab during the summer.  

Hosting Field Trips for Middle School Students
The Stevenson Research Group hosting a busload of middle school students for science activities in the area of
science education and applications.  Prof. Stevenson is the pictured on the upper right of the picture with a
molecular modeling structure on his head).

Involvement of Women in Chemistry
Since 2004, the Stevenson Research Group has provided opportunities for women interested in chemistry and
research.  Many of the students working in Stevenson research have been female.  Diversity includes students of
African-American, Asian, Indian, and Caucasian origins.

Job Shadowing (Hosting High School Students)
The Stevenson Research Group has welcomed local high school students who participate in job shadowing

Training/Teaching Guest Students of other Universities
The Stevenson Research Group has welcomed and trained several students and post-docs from other
universities in the research area of new molecule synthesis and separation science.